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Diveway Maintenance

Your parking lot is one of your largest assets. Norwest Blacktop offers as a service to our customers a Parking Lot Evaluation. This Site evaluation consists of a physical inventory of the condition and needs of your parking lot. Norwest Blacktop will present to you a plan that will address the current issues and will include a 3-5 year forward looking program to protect and improve the longevity of this asset while reducing the maintenance cost over the life of this asset.

Our Approach

With the physical inventory done we will out line the repair and maintenance options available to you, and the cost, longevity and effectiveness of each option. With this information you will then have the knowledge to allow you to make informed decisions. After this meeting our estimators will formulate a 3-5 year maintenance plan based upon your budget, goals and the direction you want to take to protect your investment. Every year Norwest Blacktop will survey the parking lot to assess its’ condition and monitor the maintenance programs effectiveness.

Asphalt Removal and Replacement

The asphalt perimeter area will be saw cut to insure proper match joints with the existing asphalt mat. The old deteriorated asphalt is removed and hauled off site. The sub base is inspected for structural integrity. If sound it is compacted or replaced and compacted if inadequate. A new asphalt mat is installed and compacted at the specified thickness.

Asphalt Pothole Repair

Potholes will be cleared of debris and filled with hot mix asphalt or cold patch asphalt then compacted to match existing asphalt surface.

Infrared Repair

Existing asphalt mat is heated through then the oxidized surface material is raked and removed. New hot mix asphalt is then raked, graded into place and compacted to match existing asphalt surface.


Norwest Blacktop offers three types of cracksealing, routing, wire wheel cleaned or cleaned with compressed air or mechanical blowers. Depending on the width and type of crack (Longitudinal, Expansion or Alligator), Norwest Blacktop will consult with you on budget, and longevity of repair desired. Once determined Norwest Blacktop will then clear cracks of all dirt, debris and vegetation. A premium construction grade hot rubberized tar, designed to meet ASTM specifications for Municipal and Commercial parking lots to minimize tracking and pickup from pedestrian foot traffic is poured into the cracks.


Norwest Blacktop offers three types of sealcoating options, premium, standard and economy. SEE SEALCOATING.