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Norwest Construction - Rotomilling
Norwest Construction - Rotomilling
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Rotomilling Rockford, Illinois:

Full-Depth Asphalt Milling and Planing

Norwest Construction is a leader in road milling and pulverizing throughout Illinois and Wisconsin. We are known for our rotomilling services in the Rockford, Illinois community. We have been improving roads and providing superior results in Rockford through our dedicated staff for over 30 years.

We have a highly experienced, skilled, and professional rotomilling team to help you achieve your road milling and pulverizing objectives in Rockford, and throughout Northern Illinois and Southern Wisconsin. We complete our jobs on-time and on-budget — we look forward to discussing your specific needs with you!

There’s nothing quite like pristine asphalt

So, “what is rotomilling?” you ask.

Asphalt milling primarily prepares municipality roads and streets in Rockford IL for resurfacing by removing a specific amount of the existing asphalt prior to repaving. Some private roads and parking lots in Rockford are also candidates for the milling process. We offer profile milling to match existing elevations and curbs, surface planning to accommodate the resurfacing procedure, and full depth milling as deep as 12 inches.

Norwest Construction also offers milling in place which is a process that pulverizes existing asphalt into an existing stone base (creating a “hybrid” sub base) to install new asphalt mat on. This process eliminates the removal and trucking process of existing asphalt surface. It also adds the pulverized asphaltic material to the existing stone base, increases the sub-grade stability, and minimizes the additional cost to the contract incurred in excavation and stonework to the existing sub-grade issues.

Our milling process makes removal much quicker, cleaner, and cost effective. This process is also environmentally friendly as it is considered a Green process because we will not need to remove most of the asphalt product. This means that we will not be doing as much trucking and the existing asphalt is being reused. Also, the asphalt that is being removed will be recycled and reused in future asphalt paving projects. Therefore we are recycling 100% of the existing asphalt!

Go with the best — only trust your milling and resurfacing projects to the experienced staff of Norwest Construction.

Call us for all your milling needs! 815-965-PAVE(7283)

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